Passion and perseverence

"Passion wraps us in its grip and creates a singular devotion, but it is perseverance that brings us before the hole the next day. It is perseverance that reveals the truth passion blinds us to: that every hole is filling in even as it’s being dug."

Thank You for Last Wednesday | C.J. Gall 

If I haven’t heard from Lindsay by 9:30 on a weekday, I start to worry.

'I Know Hunger'

"I know how hunger feels. Your stomach is touching your backbone. There is a huge cramp in your belly. You are weak and very tired. All you can do is lie down. But you can’t sleep because you are too hungry.

I have no problem asking for food if I need it. It’s not that I don’t have any pride; I just feel there is no shame in asking what you need.”

I Know Hunger | Jacqueline Turner (available for purchase from badged Street Sense vendors)

Survivor guilt

"It was true: Steve was one of a surpassingly small number of people on Earth whose bodies essentially ignored HIV. And he was one of an even smaller subset who had occasion to find out. Back in the early 1980s, at a time when thousands of gay men, including dozens Steve knew and loved, began dying, he kept on living. Surely he’d been multiply exposed, and yet as he waited a year, and then many, to join those he’d lost, he came to realize that his body would not give him the chance. Frantic to find out why, he went from doctor to doctor, all but begging someone to study him; when eventually someone did, a great discovery was made. Not only had he inherited a genetic mutation that spared him, but that knowledge would lead to the development of a drug that even now helps sustain the lives of people not as lucky as he. ‘He realized that he could provide a piece of the jigsaw,’ one researcher said, ‘and he was right.’

The Man Who Was Immune to AIDS | Jesse Green