Passion and perseverence

"Passion wraps us in its grip and creates a singular devotion, but it is perseverance that brings us before the hole the next day. It is perseverance that reveals the truth passion blinds us to: that every hole is filling in even as it’s being dug."

Thank You for Last Wednesday | C.J. Gall 

If I haven’t heard from Lindsay by 9:30 on a weekday, I start to worry.

'I Know Hunger'

"I know how hunger feels. Your stomach is touching your backbone. There is a huge cramp in your belly. You are weak and very tired. All you can do is lie down. But you can’t sleep because you are too hungry.

I have no problem asking for food if I need it. It’s not that I don’t have any pride; I just feel there is no shame in asking what you need.”

I Know Hunger | Jacqueline Turner (available for purchase from badged Street Sense vendors)